Overview on Japanese hairstyles

Japanese hairstyles are known to be defined and unique. Most Japanese hairstyles will slightly cover a small portion of the face to add a mysterious look. Therefore the hair is either straight down, slickened or layered. A Japanese hairstyle should normally compliment the face by bringing out your face and eyes. Japanese games and animes provide a wide range of hairdos that look great not only on cartoon characters but also on real people. Of course there are also the crazy anime hairstyles that are are not very easy to create but you can choose from  the realistic ones just like the ones of game characters Yuna and Rinoa who wear hairstyles that can be easily  accomplished on real hair.

In Japan, medium and short cuts appear to win out over long hairstyles at the moment. However, no matter the length you choose, it is straightness for which Japanese hairstyles are well noted. A genuine Japanese hairstyle is usually cut straight across and may feature  layers or bangs. A very popular short Japanese hairstyle is the bob cut with feathery layers. This hairstyle is ideal for women with square, oval, oblong or diamond faces and for women with thin or medium hair. Japanese hairstyles are often achieved through the use of a hair straightener. It's recommended that you have a professional hairstylist  handle your hair to make sure your hair is fit for these straightening methods.